This series is all about the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when creating a website. The third mistake is starting with the technology on your website creation journey.

This one may seem a bit odd, especially from someone like me who is focused on technology.


Why shouldn’t you start with the technology?

Well, technology is not the solution. It never is. It is a tool to help you get to your goals, whatever those goals might be.

That means you need to figure out your goals and then evaluate what tool you need to get you there.

(See the previous article on not planning or acting strategically here.)

If you start with the technology, your goals are being shaped by the tech you choose which may not be the most effective or appropriate choice.

When you start with the technology you need to learn the technology as you are learning so many other things. You are also learning while making strategic decisions.

Entrepreneurs have to be a bit adventurous to be able to run their own businesses. You are required to have the ability to learn, grow and adapt.


Don’t commit to the wrong technology

I’m not sure why, but some entrepreneurs are good at growing and adapting themselves but they can’t do the same when it comes to technology. It’s like they become attached and they entered into a commitment with that tech. They will use it because they purchased it, even if it is the wrong tool.

Determining your business strategy based on the purchases you made before you had developed a strategy means you are limiting yourself and your business.


Opportunity Cost

This brings up the concept of opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is what you sacrifice when you choose one option over another. The problem is that the opportunity costs are often unseen so they are generally overlooked and therefore not considered or taken into account.

When making decisions this can be disastrous.

You are trying to fit yourself and your business into a box built by whatever tech you purchased.

Spending money when you don’t have to

You don’t need to purchase technology until you are ready to use it. Why bother? Entrepreneurs are often cost conscious so why spend money if you aren’t ready for it.

That sale will come around again. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real and will cause you to spend money on things you don’t really need. Avoid bright shiny objects if at all possible.


Throwing good money after bad – the sunk cost fallacy

Just because you spent money on something doesn’t mean you should spend more money on it. It also means that you shouldn’t force yourself to use a tool that you have purchased just because you purchased it.

Only use it if it is the right tool to do the job. If it makes your life easier. If it fits with your business strategy.


Which technology is for you?

If you want a website you certainly do need some sort of technology. But what technology?

There are so many tools out there to choose from and each one says it’s the best.

The answer is the one that will fit with your strategy. So start with your strategy, then pick whatever tech will help you achieve that strategy.

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