Tech Coaching

Make working with tech more productive & fun

Want to get your
tech questions answered?

Technology is the biggest single cause of confusion, frustration, and wasted time and energy for most people

Are you struggling to find help?

Are you spending hours searching for answers to your tech questions?

Feel like you are banging your head against a wall?

Do you dream of having one place to go to ask questions and get support?

Need quick, bite-sized answers?

Avoid spending hours on Google

Get the confidence that comes from knowing someone is there to answer your questions.

Because being an entrepreneur is lonely enough.

With the right technology support, you can confidently overcome your tech obstacles and navigate the technology you need to run your business and get your business online.


Now you can with Tech Coaching

One-on-one support, guidance and training for when tech becomes a problem or just plain overwhelming.

Get answers that are applicable to you in your specific situation when it matters most – right now!

The only requirements are that you be able to use email and have access to the Internet.

Areas where I can help

WordPress Websites

Payment Processors

Microsoft Apps

Word, Excel, PowerPoint



Other Software Apps


Google Apps

Docs, Sheets, Forms


Video Creation & Editing

Zoom Video Conferencing


File Management


* Note: I primarily deal with training and software issues.

** I am familiar with PCs (not Macs). Many issues cross computer ‘species’ boundaries but some require specialized support.

*** I am not a coder. There are issues that I cannot solve.

How it Works

You schedule regular appointments for coaching. You set the agenda with each call and we go through your tech issues step by step.

This is coaching, so you will be empowered by learning how to do this yourself. If you don’t want to learn how to do something and just want to hire me as a consultant, then we should talk.

On the call, we will hopefully resolve the issue or, at the very least, come up with your action plan so you can move the issue along.

Realistically speaking, some tech issues can be solved in just a few minutes, while some can take hours and involve 3rd parties. The action plan we develop will help you move through it. If you get stuck, you can either email me or wait until our next meeting.

After each call, you’ll have ‘homework’ that will move you toward your overall goal.

What it looks like

These are private 1:1 calls on Zoom

Weekly calls (max 4 per month) are approximately 55 minutes long. (I tend to want to complete a tech issue and may go a bit over to do so.)


1 Month of Tech Coaching $997

3 Months of Tech Coaching $2,497
(Includes 2 ‘Help me!’ calls)

‘Help me!’ Calls

When you get a 3 month package you also receive 2 ‘Help me!’ calls as a bonus. For emergencies or when you get stuck, you will be able to call me directly. If I am available (and not coaching others), I will pick up and try to answer your question on the spot. If necessary, we will jump on a Zoom call and work to resolve your issue.

Contact me to find out how we can work together.