Case Studies

Custom WordPress Websites

Custom websites for coaches, healers and experts that really care about what they do and the people they serve.

My proven process ensures a clear and focused strategy to intentionally grow their business.

Crystal Clear Laughter & Hypnosis

This was a complete revamp of on older out of date brochure site. This project began with a strategic plan and went through content creation to branding to images. Karen also increased her WordPress skills. 

Don Back

Don was very clear on who he served and what result he wanted to provide but did not know how to articulate it clearly in a way that appealed to his ideal clients. He also learned by how to use WordPress and Divi by doing all of the actual creation himself.

Greg Kitchen Coaching

As one of my first pilot students, Greg started right at the beginning. We worked through all website fundamentals before we moved on to learning how to use WordPress. 

Maddie Simms Coaching & Consulting

Maddie was one of my first pilot students and she was rinveting herself. This was a labour of love for Maddie and she is very excited about how well her site represents her. 


This was the second version of the site I had done and the third for the client. We covered all aspects of content creation, branding and the client had me create the site for them.

Natasha Bowden

Natasha had a good handle on who she served and what she wanted to do but she needed help articulating it. Natasha had already taught herself a bit of WordPress, and she wanted further training to increase her confidence. 

Valley Women’s Association

This non-profit asked me to to create a site that unified all chapters of the Association. Compiling the content in such a way as to be acceptable to the diverse needs of the different chapters was an interesting challenge.

Surrey Delta Valley Women’s Association

As a member of this non-profit, I was hired to create an updated site for them when they changed membership platforms.

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