not planning or acting strategically

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This series is all about the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when creating a website. The first mistake is not planning or acting strategically.

When doing anything in your business it is a mistake to not plan or act strategically. Creating a website is no different.

Many entrepreneurs focus their effort on the easy part of creating a website – the actual building of the site – and very little time on the strategy behind it.


What is a strategy?


At its essence, strategy is a plan to achieve a goal. It’s how you will accomplish something.

A good strategy describes what you are going to do, when and how you’re going to do it.

Strategy is important because it takes into account the costs, time and effort needed and available to accomplish that goal.

With unlimited resources, more can be done in a shorter period of time.

When resources are limited, trade-offs are needed. You only have so much time so that limits the choices you can make. The amount of money available determines what options are available to you. Makes sense.


The strategy you choose matters.


I’m not just talking about the strategy for your website. I’m referring to the strategy you have for your business. You want to start with your business strategy. Then you base your decisions on how you can best achieve those goals.

Once you know your business strategy, then you focus on the website strategy.


You need to know the purpose of your website.


  • Why are you creating a website?
  • What part will it play in your business?
  • How will it help you achieve your overall business goals?

What happens when you don’t determine your website strategy at the outset?

When you don’t start with the strategy you end up throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. Without the roadmap that having a strategy provides you can end up spinning your wheels and not getting traction for your business.

You end up doing lots of different things that may or may not help you get closer to your goals.


So what?


It is a potential waste of your money, time and energy.

You don’t want that!


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