Making decisions is one of, if not THE biggest challenge for entrepreneurs.


Why is making decisions so hard?

When you are just starting out you have SO many decisions to make. You have to decide on your business name, business structure, what do you want to sell, how will you sell it, and on and on.

Once you make a decision, you have to decide which decision to make next. Argh!

It doesn’t end.


Making decisions can be overwhelming

It’s one reason you go into overwhelm. It’s not just that you have to make one decision, but that you have to make multiple decisions every day. Each decision you make can feel that it is urgent and make-or-break your business important. It is, but probably not the earthshattering level of importance that it feels like while you are making it.

They aren’t but they sure feel that way. It’s no wonder that decisions are overwhelming.


Decisions can haunt us

Then there is the second guessing the decisions you already made. Did you make the ‘right’ decision? The ‘what ifs..’ and ‘I should’ve…’ and the ‘if only…’ make us insecure and feel that we must not have.

That means that even after the decision is made, we are still stressing out about it.

It also makes it harder to make the next decision.


Implications of not making decisions

Decisions can also be a bottleneck in your business because if you don’t make the decision, you can’t move forward.

You are stuck – stopped in your tracks.

So you HAVE to make decisions.

~ What should I charge for my services?

~ What type of website do I want?

~ Which social media platform should I use?

~ What scheduling tool is best?

~ Is this a good investment or a shiny object?

How do you know if you are making the right decision?

The problem is, you don’t.

You can only make the best decision you can with the information you have in the moment.

You have to make a decision, even if it is not the ‘perfect’ one just so you can start moving forward.

Many of the entrepreneurs I tend to work with are solopreneurs – generally you work alone.

That means you look for answers on your own. The responsibility for those decisions is all yours. No wonder you tend to get overwhelmed by the decisions you need to make on a daily basis.


Searching for clues to make better decisions

You have questions but sometimes you don’t even know what questions to ask to get the clarity you need so that you can make an even remotely informed decision.

The internet has all the answers you could ever need, if only you knew the right questions to ask. The responses you can get can be too technical, not detailed enough, or so high level that you have no idea how to apply it to your business.

This is where I can help.

As a business and website coach, consultant and trainer, I help entrepreneurs make empowered decisions so they can create better businesses. If you need answers to your questions from an objective point of view that are tailored to your personal situation and business, schedule a coffee chat with me by clicking here.