This series is all about the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when creating a website. The fourth mistake is not making a website that is client focused – (making your website all about you!)


All about me

When you don’t know what to put on a website, people often focus on themselves.

Generally, people don’t focus on themselves as an ego trip. I’ve seen some websites where it definitely was an ego trip but generally it’s not the case for the people I tend to work with.

It’s not because they want to talk about themselves, it’s because they feel they have to. It’s your website, you think people want to know about you.


Yes, but.

Your website is not for you or even really about you, even if you are writing about your experiences, or a particular area of life. Your website is for your visitors. You know, your potential customers?

Your website should be about what your audience wants and needs to know regarding what you can do for them, and how you are the right person to help them get it.


An assumption you CAN make

You can’t assume very much at all. One assumption you can make is that your website visitors (those potential customers) don’t know anything about you, or what you do. Even worse, they don’t care.


Assume they are asking themselves WIIFM – what’s in it for me – because that’s what they ARE asking themselves.

Sharing your stories and experience is a good as long as you tie it into what your audience is interested in and you address how you can help or what you can do for them.

You need to build your website with your potential clients in mind.

That means your logo is not that important. People might not even notice it. Making it massive and in their face doesn’t really help you unless it tells your visitors WIIFM.

That goes for everything on your website. Your visitors don’t need to be entertained or blown away by a flashy website.

Your visitors have a problem or something they need a solution to and they are hoping you can fix that problem or provide that solution.

So, make sure your website tells your visitors what they want and need to know.