Something Fun for Your Website

For something fun for Christmas and the holiday season, I demonstrate how to install a plugin so you can add snowflakes to your website.

Installing the plugin on my site

We use the free plugin “Weather Effect – Christmas Santa Snow Falling” from A WP Life.

We’re going to install that on my site. So, I’m going to head over to my dashboard and I’m going to go to plugins, and Add New.

I’m going to search for “Weather Effect.”

There it is right there. I’m going to install it and them I’m going to activate it.

Once it’s activated, you can see it has its own little menu line over here.

I’m going to select Weather Effect.

Trying out the different options

By default it’s enabled. We have fall type and we have some settings. We have Christmas balls, Christmas bells, Christmas candy, Christmas gift, Christmas snowman, and Christmas snowflake.

I’m going to stick with the Snowfall Effect, which is the other fall type. We’re going to use the round type. We do not want to use a square type. We do want to use shadows so they show up.

And flakes on a page about 50 sounds about right. I’m going to hit save and head over to my homepage.

I’m going to refresh my homepage and when I refresh it you can now see that there’s a small flurry of falling snow. You can see these little tiny pieces falling down on the website

So maybe I need to have both more and larger ones. I’m going to head back into the Weather Effect and change flakes on a page from 50 and put that up to about 100 just for fun.

Refresh again.

Now you can see the snow is falling, and it’s falling at different rates. It’s just something fun that you can put on your website for the holiday.

In addition to the snowfall effect, we could do a Christmas effect. Let’s do Christmas balls. You can see these little red balls falling down the page.

Using the snowflake setting

If the light dusting of snow falling on the site of the snowfall effect doesn’t work for you, in the Christmas effect they have a Christmas snowflake. They have three different ones. The one I like best is snowflake 1, so I will show you that one first. Save and refresh my page.

These are actual snowflakes that you can see. The second one has 3 snowflakes together and they’re bluish in colour. This is snowflake 2. It’s blue and there’s three of them and they fall together.

Then there is snowflake 3 which is a singular blue one.

Like I said, I prefer the singular white snowflake so I’m going to go back to that one.

Let me know if you end up using this. Have fun and I hope you enjoy!