Tech-Timid Website Essentials

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Create Your Client Attracting Website

This Beta Tech-Timid Website Essentials Group will allow you to create your website and give you the WordPress training you need to use to successfully do so.

What does BETA mean?

Beta means that this is an early version of my course. I will be creating and testing it as we go. It will not be perfect. This means that you get the benefit of a deep discount.

We – the group – are going to co-create the live course together.

You get to help determine where we focus our time, attention and energy based on what YOU want.

What will the course look like?

We will meet live via Zoom for 1 hour 2 times per week for 6 weeks. In each session there will be a combination of training, Q&A and hot seats.

What will be covered?

How much time we spend in each area depends on what the the group wants and needs.


In this area we will cover any coaching needed around your niche, ideal client and their motivations as well as around your mindset as it relates to technology.


We will look at the colours, fonts, images and tone for your website. You will get a one-page style reference guide so you know what your colours and fonts are and can stay consistent.

WordPress How to...

We will likely spend a lot of time on how to use WordPress. Areas that will be covered include, but aren’t limited to, using the dashboard, navigation, themes, plugins, pages and posts, customization and maintenance.


Content is what to put onto your website; the text on each page and images that support the text. You will clarify your primary goal for your website, create a plan and implement it.



Recordings will be available on a private webpage if you have to miss a class.


A private Facebook Group where members can post and get feedback from me and the group.

One-on-One Session with Me

One 30-minute 1-on-1 session with me whenever you want it during the program.

Checklists & Guides

Style Reference Guide, Font Selection Guide, Website Launch Checklist, and more


What will I get at the end of the program?

When the course is over, and if you do the work, you wil have a website that is up and running that you know how to make changes to.

Will you show me how to maintain my website?

Yes. We will review how to do maintenance and you will receive a maintenance checklist.

Are their other costs to build a website?

Yes. You will also need to purchase your domain and your hosting. Any other costs (premium themes or plugins) are optional.

Can I get extra help?

Of course. There will be a lot of support within the group from me and others. If you encounter a tech issue that you want me to take care of, I charge an hourly consulting rate.

Do I need Divi?

No, not necessarily. There are other free themes that you can use. Divi is a premium theme and has many benefits. I recommend it but that doesn’t mean you have to use it.

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